First Amendment case: ‘Choose life’ NYS license plate

I have a driver’s license but have never owned a car. It’s one of the huge advantages of living in a city with an excellent public transportation system. On the few occasions I have needed a car, I’ve rented.

Consequently, I never have had to consider what to put, or not to put, on a license plate.

I’ve always thought the vanity plate business was silly– and foolish: why would anyone want a plate that’s easy for a witness to remember?

So I don’t know what to think about someone desperately requiring a license plate that somehow squeezes ‘Choose Life’ onto it. Glad it’s not my call. It’s the call of a upstate New York judge.

Circuit Remands ‘Choose Life’ License Plate Case

Mark Hamblett, New York Law Journal  

The First Amendment dispute over New York state’s rejection of a “Choose Life” anti-abortion vanity license plate is headed back to Northern District Judge Neal McCurn.

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