Florida’s war against women: Marissa Alexander back in jail

Drives me nuts: Battered Victim Marissa Alexander Back In Jail On Plea Bargain – Florida Injustice Wins Again.

Florida domestic violence victim, and mother of three, Marissa Alexander, has just decided, on Monday, to accept a plea bargain from the State of Florida. My heart breaks knowing this woman will spend even more time behind bars, for defending her own life. Now, after already serving over 1000 days, she will have to serve 65 more days incarcerated, away from her children. To add insult, Marissa is also ordered to serve two years of probation, wearing a surveillance monitor. Meanwhile, her serial abuser husband, Rico Gray, walks free.

This case sends a horrible message out to past and present victims of domestic violence. It says don’t defend yourself, and don’t go to the police, because if you do, be prepared to be further abused by the courts. And if you don’t, be prepared to join over 10,000 women who have been murdered by their boyfriends/husbands over the last 10 years. — From DailyKos.

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