“Football and Teaching Law to Your Clients”

I picked this piece up from a quirky blog called lawyerist.com, and dove right in, given my own romance both with law and with football.

Lawyerist is, of course, written by lawyers and/or consultants to lawyers, for lawyers — advice about how to conduct oneself as a lawyer — which makes it sort of tingly for us non-lawyers. I.e., we can peek behind lawyers’ door and find out what they’re doing back there, out of our presence.

Although I think using football as a metaphor to help explain a legal situation to a client is fine — I mean, anything a lawyer can do to explain the legal process to a client is an advance from the way a lot of lawyers communicate with clients — when I read this piece I wasn’t entirely satisfied that the guy who wrote it managed to suspend his condescension.

Still, it certainly offers something different to me as a plaintiff, and to you as a reader of Sidebar, so, hmm, let’s kick this off (oh so sorry about that pun): Football and Teaching Law to Your Clients.

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