Football and The Law

It’s a bit of a cheat; this story isn’t really about a lawsuit. Not yet, anyway. But it is about law, about the making of law.

And it’s about football. Which is of course why I must tell you about this item from Lowering the Bar (not the goal post bar, but we’re nestling up close to it, although this coming year the NFL has changed the rules: players will not be permitted to grab the cross bar and slam dunk the ball over it in celebration).

And when the new Niners stadium opens in Santa Clara, fans will not be allowed to do an awful lot more.

But I was wandering toward the sidelines there. Here’s the story, which I love particularly because San Francisco (Santa Clara is sort of part of SF, isn’t it?), even more than New York City, is mocked for its “left wing,” regulatory, “nanny-state” attitude toward its citizenry. Even as left-wing, regulatory, nanny-statist as I am, I’ve got to admit that these statutes governing how people will be permitted to behave in the Niners’ new stadium are at the least bound to engender more mockery, if not a bunch of lawsuits.

Lowering the Bar’s piece begins:

I do love good examples of stupid/unnecessary/baffling local ordinances, so let us examine the set being proposed by the city of Santa Clara, California, to address all eventualities that may arise at Levi’s Stadium (a.k.a. the “Field of Jeans”), currently being built to become <grumbles> the new home of the San Francisco 49ers.¬†According to Brandon Mercer of CBS SF, the proposed ordinances¬†(PDF) will be taken up at a city council meeting this evening (March 27).

You’ll get the flavor of it from Kevin Underhill’s comment about …

  • No guns.

“No person, including off-duty peace officers, shall bring into or possess within the Stadium any firearm or dangerous weapon….” How are we supposed to defend ourselves when we play the Raiders?

Read on, because it’s really funny. I mean, if you’re not a Niners fan who has season tickets, and a bugle: Bugles Banned From New 49er Stadium [UPDATE] – Lowering the Bar. And read on if you have every intention of attending Niners’ games, because you’ll have to leave your bugle at home.

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