For a laugh: guess who might be in your jury pool?

From today’s Daily News:

Insult to in-jury: N.J. calls up dog

In a state where dead men sometimes vote and “waste management” can mean so many things, it’s hardly a shock that Fido is fit to serve on a jury.

Still, New Jersey resident Barrett Griner thought it downright silly that a Cumberland County courthouse summons addressed to his pet dog IV (pronounced “Ivy”) arrived in the mail.

“I’m wondering like ‘What is this? Something from the county office about vaccinations?'” WCAU-TV reported.

It was, of course, a mistake. The German shepherd owner’s full name is Barrett Griner IV. Somehow, the computer-generated jury summons delivered last week transposed a few key words. Such mixups are common, particularly with Roman numerals, an official said. — Deborah Hastings

Wonder if Bergen County would like my sister’s Cairn, Einstein, in the jury pool. He is wicked, wicked smart.

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