For bitter laughter, two NYT comments on GOP tax overhaul

Source: House Passes Budget Blueprint, Clearing Path for Tax Overhaul – The New York Times

Here I was, trying to write something helpful and sensible and serious, when I took a look at the above NYT piece about the House passage of a rotten bill which will inevitably cause our middle class taxes to rise.

Rotten, rotten GOP.

And then, as I will inevitably do, I clicked on the comments because I love reading what my fellow citizens think about absolutely everything going on. And I burst out laughing at the two comments below and, courteous and generous as always, I want to avail you of the same opportunity for (dark) laughter:


Chicago 5 minutes ago

I would like to know which E.U. countries are currently friendly towards Americans applying for political asylum. This country is finished. The leadership is comprised of a bunch of lemmings and boobs who don’t know what patriotism means

Ed Kearney

Portland, ME 5 minutes ago

2019 Headline:
Victim found with hands tied behind back. Rape also suspected.
U.S. Congress is a “person of interest.”
Investigation shows that killing took place on Wall Street – body driven to burial site in large limo!

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