“Former Giant Tased After Drunken Scooter Chase”

Yeah. You saw that, right? Scooter. Not motorcycle or snarly little Vespa. Just one of those things you step on and … race away at a speed that’s less than you could run. If you decided to run.

I have to give you this, from Lowering the Bar, because the Giant in question is not a physical giant, as Kevin Underhill points out, but an NFL ex-Giant, Tyler Sash. Once number 39, a d-back. With a Super Bowl ring.

Anyway, as sad as I always am to hear about off-field problems of my guys (especially when they come from states like Iowa), this one is pretty funny, especially Kevin Underhill’s advanced math formulations of (1) how fast a scooter can go, (2) how fast a scooter can go with a 215-pound man on it; and (3) how fast Tyler Sash, athlete, could go if he’d forgotten about the damn scooter and just made a run for it.

Funny, except the part where Sash was tased. That isn’t funny, not at all. Former Giant Tased After Drunken Scooter Chase – Lowering the Bar:

This post involves former New York Giant (not a man who was once a giant, but shrank) Tyler Sash, who was arrested late Saturday night after leading police on a dramatic low-speed chase through Oskaloosa, Iowa. According to USA Today, an officer noticed Sash riding a motorized scooter without lights “down a major thoroughfare,” and ordered him to stop (probably suspecting, correctly, that Sash had been drinking). Instead, Sash fled, and the chase was on.

UPDATE 9/12/2015. There is no amusement in the news that Tyler Sash is dead at age 27. Inexplicable and very very sad.

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