Former students sue Columbia University: sexual harassment

The Daily News — as always right on top of “what? you say ‘alleged,’ I say ‘not if it gets in the way of a snippy headline'” — entitled this article IVY SLEAZE: Students hit Columbia profs in sex-harass suit. It begins:

Two senior Columbia University professors were more interested in human contact than human rights, two former grad students charged in a sex-harassment suit against the university.

“They’re hypocrites,” Susan Farley, a scholar in human trafficking, said as she described how her academic prospects declined after she reported that law professor Francis Ssekandi pursued her on a trip to East Timor.

While I can’t possibly know what the truth is here, and maybe I’m just wandering way off the track of this lawsuit story, but I’m kind of intrigued by that East Timor harassment locale.

The story also involves less exotic locations, such as Columbia offices, some creepy questionings and a series of knee lockings and cheek breathings, and threats.

But…East Timor?

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