Fox News anchorwoman sues Hasbro for “toying with her identity”

This story is funny. Although apparently not to the plaintiff, who does not appreciate that Hasbro gave her name to a little toy hamster :

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner
Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner

Source: Fox News Anchorwoman’s Suit Accuses Hasbro of Toying with Her Identity | Corporate Counsel

Seems that Hasbro named a small toy hamster “Harris Faulkner.” The non-toy Harris Faulkner (although since she works for Fox, there might be some dispute about whether or not she too is a toy, although probably not made by Hasbro) objects:

The toy company Hasbro Inc. is fighting a federal lawsuit in which a Fox News anchorwoman actually argues that Hasbro appropriated her name—and her likeness—for its plastic toy hamster called “Harris Faulkner.”

Despite the real Harris Faulkner having more than 5 feet in height and a hundred pounds or more in weight over the hamster—and the fact that she is, well, human—the suit still argues that Hasbro misappropriated her identity.

Sue Reisinger, the reporter for this piece, seemed to have had a fun time writing it:

The complaint alleges, “In addition to its prominent and unauthorized use of Faulkner’s name, elements of the Harris Faulkner hamster doll also bear a physical resemblance to Faulkner’s traditional professional appearance, in particular tone of its complexion, the shape of its eyes, and the design of its eye makeup.” The complaint included pictures of the hamster and Faulkner. This reporter had no problem spotting the anchorwoman right away.

Hasbro has a pretty good argument:

“Ms. Faulkner’s claim that the hamster toy bears her likeness is implausible as a matter of law,” Hasbro’s brief argues. Harris Faulkner the hamster is a one-inch high toy with exaggerated features, such as disproportionately large head and eyes.

It existed online in a Hasbro setting called “Littlest Pet Shop” where it stood beside other miniature toys with human names, such as its close friend, a terrier named Benson Detwyler, with whom it shared a package. Neither the hamster nor the terrier could be reached for comment, and they have been removed from the Little Pet Shop website.

Hasbro’s brief argues that Harris Faulkner the anchorwoman “is a human, adult, African-American woman with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.” But Harris the hamster is a four-legged animal with a tail, golden yellow “fur,” medium brown “hair” painted on its head, a white muzzle, pink nose, blue eyes and “long eyelashes painted on its face,” the brief says.

Hasbro also included side-by-side pictures of the two for comparison. This reporter had no problem picking out the hamster.

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