From DailyKos’s mouth to Scalia’s ear?

Every time I think about the Supreme Court, I think about getting Scalia off that bench.

Whenever I read the journalistic macro “Scalia, brilliant legal mind,” I choke. I’ve read his brilliant legal mind and it isn’t. There have been times recently that I’ve suspected he is venturing into dementia.

So that’s why I loved this DailyKos news item about Scalia, which reports that in his recent dissent opinion (the EPA case) he cited a previous Supreme Court opinion backward. That is, he interpreted the previous opinion incorrectly. And to make it even worse − or better, if you share my POV about that Brilliant Legal Mind − the opinion Scalia cited wrongly was his own.

Read on and let us all believe this is the seed of a grass roots movement: Uh-Oh, Scalia Screws Up Royally. Time To Retire..

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