“Frozen Guru Update (June 2015)”

Source, Lowering the Bar: Frozen Guru Update (June 2015)

Oh I am so bad! And by “bad” I do not mean “good.”

Because here I am, reading Lowering the Bar’s update on that frozen guru and thinking, oh yeah, I want to keep you updated on this major story, so I’d better search out and grab my previous link to this major story — January, 2015, as it happens — but …

I never posted it! What on earth was wrong with me? Because it’s a great, crazy story. Which begins:

Frozen Guru Update – Lowering the Bar:

January 05, 2015

Me again. I am so backward today. Here’s the Lowering the Bar update (link at the top of this page but never mind, the story is SO big and SO insane, I’m re-publishing the whole thing below. Note: I bolded my absolutely favorite passage. See if you agree. Once you pick yourselves up from the floor where you fell during helpless laughter. But don’t stay down there too long because somebody might freeze you:)

June 18, 2015

P.S. I was wondering how to tag this story and realized it’s “the god problem.” Especially if your god is a very large popsicle.

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