Fun socks and Firefox

I just upgraded Firefox–one significant segment of my resistance to anything Microsoft, i.e., Explorer–and after a few days struggling to figure out where stuff was and why my tool bar seemed to have disappeared (found it, of course by accident), I settled down in relief.

You have to be relaxed to notice that when the new Firefox opens, it offers bitsy statements which might attract my curiosity. Such as, do I want to know more about the new Firefox and where stuff is? Which, no I don’t, since I already wrestled through it myself.

But then I saw this bitsy statement, properly illustrated:

Free thought: Never let a dress code get in the way of fun socks.

As usual, I can’t work out how to copy and paste in here the especially fun socks illustrating this rule of life, but I totally support it. All my socks are selected for fun and intense colors, patterns, sparkles, little bows at the heels. Some days, if I’m feeling antic, I select socks first and then match what I’m wearing to them, instead of the other way around.

I once was seeing a man who expressed fear and loathing for my socks. “Socks,” he legislated, “have to be white.”

Silly guy. Until a friend of mine, wise in the ways of such men, said she considered his sock rejection as a genuine warning about our relationship. I thought this was absurd. It wasn’t. He broke up with me at some point later. I did not weep; nor did I alter my sock wardrobe, except to make it even more wildly colorful.

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