Fun stuff: 82-year-old woman arrested after spray-painting neighbors’ fence

Good fences make good … well, maybe in poems, but not in real life, when one of the neighbors spray-paints that fence in an ongoing, and to my mind a somewhat exaggerated response to … um, I’m not particularly sure.

I think the lady (who looks good −suspiciously good − for 82) is pissed off because, she claims, her next-door neighbors have encroached upon her property line. By maybe a couple of feet. But then again maybe not.

Her neighbors are a young family with two kids. Oh, and the father is the “newly appointed chief of the Public Corruption Unit in the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office.”

The besieged wife is quoted in this Daily News piece: “We have a beautiful home and we would enjoy it a lot more if she weren’t making our lives hell…She takes pictures of us whenever we come outside…She gets on a ladder (and) yells, ‘Bastards! Bastards!'”

Dare I say that the lady sounds maybe not so compos mentis? May the gods keep me from acting like this when I’m 82. (But may the gods help me look that good.)

Do please read the whole article below, with the entertaining hard copy headline Paint It Wack: Graffiti gal, 82: Stay off my land!, and when you get to the last paragraphs, see if you can count the number of lawsuits this woman has engendered. I didn’t have enough fingers.

EXCLUSIVE: 82-year-old woman fighting charges after arrest for spray-painting fence in property dispute with neighbor – NY Daily News.

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