Fundamentalism and its war against women

Now we see how easy it is for totalitarianism to rise up and take control. Freedom is like a land constantly under siege. As soon as it is undefended, it is lost to invaders. Once again, as we have seen in other totalitarian nations, fundamentalism becomes the rallying cry, the justification for the loss of freedom. Fundamentalism becomes the excuse for subjugation. How does this happen in a democracy? It happens because nearly half of the population doesn’t bother to vote. It happens because so many are uninformed, underinformed, or misinformed. It happens because many who do vote don’t think it could ever get this bad. It happens because many allow themselves to get swept up in cult worship. It happens because many actually believe that the liars are working for them when they are not. It happens because desperate people believe the liars when they are told what they want to hear. So here we are. Women will now lose ownership of their bodies. The state has laid claim to your reproductive organs. The fundamentalists now control the courts. They gerrymander the districts so they can’t get unelected. The power of the vote is suppressed and even attacked. Election security has been jeopardized. The fundamentalists say the vote is rigged when it is they who are doing the rigging. And we have maniac in the White House whose Justice Dept. claims he is untouchable. Vote for your life in 2020 because you are. It only gets worse from here.

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