“Funds Meant for Charters May Be Diverted to Pre-K”

Just after I ranted on about the ugly rich-man California lawsuit theoretically on behalf of California kids, but actually against public school teachers and their union, I picked up this story from the New York Times: Funds Meant for Charters May Be Diverted to Pre-K – NYTimes.com.

That is, New York City will in effect be opposing the California lawsuit by strengthening public school education and its teachers. NYC wants to take funds from charter schools supported and run by educational dilettantes and poseurs, and return those funds to genuine public schools and public school teachers.

Two juxtaposed stories that present a fascinating bi-coastal chasm.

By the way, although the Times article by Javier Hernandez is careful to say “charter schools and other non-profit groups,” charter schools — publicly funded by privately run — are not strictly non-profit: they profit the egos of the pretentious people who run them.

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