Gail Collins on dead shark on subway, and Bob Filner

I love Gail Collins. I worship everything she writes. I have this wee Gail Collins icon sitting on my mantelpiece and I bow to it several times an hour.

I’m especially grateful to her today because yesterday she wrote about San Diego’s utterly weird mayor, Bob Filner, and his problems with the opposite sex. I think I can promise that having linked you to Collins’ column, I will never have to do anything about Bob Filner again.

Gail has the final word, in “Things to Skip in August.” Which begins:

August. A dead shark was found on a New York City subway. Meanwhile, at the Iowa State Fair, vegan activists broke into a refrigerated case in the Dairy Building and threw red paint on the butter cow. In San Diego, the mayor claimed the city should pay the costs of defending him in a sexual harassment lawsuit because he had never been given sensitivity training.

I am bringing all these things up to point out that you can be selective about what you have to worry about during August. It’s summertime. The living should be easy. Sometimes, if you relax, things just work themselves out. For instance, the butter cow has been cleaned up and is more popular than ever. And it turns out that the shark was dead before it got on the subway.

I’m tempted to copy and paste the entire column because of its wonderfulness, but no. It is August and I’m going to let you discover the rest of it for yourselves.

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