Gail Collins on those hog lagoons

Just in case you’re not paying too much attention to Florence flooding the Carolinas…

There are a log of hogs in North Carolina. It is hog heaven, in fact — I mean, until the hogs are slaughtered for meat. So the hog heaven is probably more for hog farmers than their hogs.

Well, as with all good floods going back to Noah’s, a great cleansing of the earth is happening with Florence in the Carolinas. Floods tend to do that, I guess. They wash away whatever’s loose on the earth into the rivers and the sea. (I could also make reference to the last scene in Götterdämmerung [hope I landed those umlauts over the right vowels] but never mind.) And that great cleansing is washing over hog lagoons.

So here is Gail Collins on this situation:

Finally, we’re getting to the moment — a high point in all stories about the environment in North Carolina — when we discuss the hog lagoons.

Hog lagoons are basically huge bodies of pig poop. The waste is treated with bacteria that turns it pink. I flew over one of these suckers, and if you ever want to experience what it feels like to soar above what appears to be a large lake of strange-smelling Pepto-Bismol, this is the ticket.

Why did I copy Gail into this post? Because it made me laugh for a second and oh boy do I need a second of laughter right now.

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