“Game of Thrones” defendant-fan in Staten Island invokes trial by combat?

This may be time to tell you all those Staten Island Wants To Secede From NYC And How The Rest of Us Heard The News, Thought About It For, Oh, Three Seconds, And Said, Oh Okay stories.

Or the time one famous New York wit said, “Staten Island wanting to secede from New York City is like Gummo saying he’s going to leave the Marx Brothers.”

What follows appeared in Lowering the Bar. I’ve given you the first paragraphs, but you’ll probably want to read the entire hilariously batty story as covered by Lowering the Bar maestro Kevin Underhill (who is, as well, a lawyer, but one who is unlikely by virtue of his great intelligence, wit and articulateness to demand trial by combat as a way of settling a lawsuit; which probably could only be demanded by a Staten Island lawyer and yeah I’m sneering):

August 07, 2015

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