Gawker sued for unfair labor standards

You may not know what Gawker is but I’ll bet you’ve read some of their online magazines.

The Gawker media empire is being sued by employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act. That is, the plaintiffs complain that they were underpaid. Actually, they complain they were not paid at all. This fits in with my notion that employment standards, especially when they regard payment, have disintegrated considerably from the days when I worked. And the people who suffer the most under this disintegration are young, striving people.

The best thing about this, which I got via ProPublica’s twitter feed, is that you can read the entire actual lawsuit, as filed in the United States Court for the Southern District of New York. Take a look: Mark v. Gawker Media Complaint – ProPublica. Especially if you’re young and over- or under-employed, especially in the new media, i.e., on-line mags.

Welcome to the repulsive WalMart culture of We Don’t Have To Pay Anybody Fairly (Because Everybody’s Desperate For A Job), so…We Won’t.

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