George Mason U owned by…guess who?

The Koch Bros.

Just got this from Jane Mayer’s Twitter feed. (And, yes, I’m grateful I can drop her name into this because it gives me a justification for my addiction to Twitter.)

Have I mentioned George Mason U previously? Oh, I do believe I have.

What a good time to remind everyone about the Neu Wannsee Conference, i.e., The Koch Bros Final Solution to Democracy.

UPDATE 5/2/2018. Now the Times has the story. 

My fave bit from this:

The university president, Angel Cabrera, wrote in an email to faculty Monday night that he was ordering the investigation after learning of documents revealing “problematic gift agreements.”

In response, the Koch foundation released a statement saying that the hiring agreements in question had expired and were no longer used, and that in any case, they had allowed the foundation only to recommend candidates for positions, not to make final appointments.

OK, let’s review that, and let’s review it from a student perspective and the perspective of that student’s parents who are paying for his education at George Mason U.

“Wait, you’re telling me the Koch Bros are recommending professors who are going to be teaching you? The Koch Bros?? Who have exactly what expertise and experience in university scholarship?????”


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