George Soros sued by ex-girlfriend

If I were a social scientist, I’d do a neat study of why lawsuits involving Big Names come in tight groupings, like buses. But hey I’m not (a social scientist). So I just report ’em:

From yesterday’s Daily News:

Soros atty: Broken vow = 1.9M co-op?

Just because billionaire George Soros broke his promise to buy his girlfriend a luxury condo doesn’t mean she has grounds to sue, his lawyers argued Tuesday.

“I can see how she would be disappointed,” Soros’ attorney, Gary Stein, told Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Debra James. But to merit a lawsuit, he said, Adriana Ferryr would have had to suffer “unconscionable injury.”

“Not getting a free multimillion-dollar apartment does not rise to that level. Having to pay your own rent is not unconscionable,” Stein declared.

Stein was trying to persuade James to toss the $10 million lawsuit before Soros, 81, ever has to answer a single question under oath about what he promised to Ferryr, a 28-year-old Brazilian.

Ferryr, a TV soap opera star and a Columbia University student, said she was planning to buy the one-bedroom condo at 30 E. 85the St. for $1.9 million when Soros, her steady boyfriend, offered to buy it for her. She agreed.

Instead, she says in court papers, Soros dumped her, bought the apartment behind her back and installed another girlfriend in it — a pharmacist he’d been seeing on the side.

“He had basically stolen the apartment from her,” said Ferryr’s lawyer, Zachary Kozak. — Barbara Ross

My comment: a one-bedroom condo for $1.9 million?

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