Get yer used paddlefish! Get yer used paddlefish!

From the delicious Kevin Underhill (I’m just guessing, never tasted him), chef of the legal blog, LoweringtheBar, a case that reminds me of the times I spent putting revised pages into our binder of states’ laws — some of which were pretty peculiar.

This one takes the cake. (Sorry, can’t help the edible puns).

    • Nope. The government put them on the block again, dropping the starting bid from $3,180 to $2,865, and it offered an even better deal on that 1,536 pounds of not-at-all-fresh paddlefish caviar (down from $92,200 to $82,980). Tempting! But not tempting enough to attract any bidders, again. If you’re holding out for the best deal possible on fish products that may or may not have been continuously refrigerated, tick tock, my friend. Tick tock.

What is a paddlefish? How is an American paddlefish differentiated from some other nationality paddlefish?

I could go on but, hey, why.

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