Giants team photo falls on woman: she sues

I have a stake in this personal injury lawsuit story. Memories, memories…

Years ago, I pulled a 1986 Giants team photo out of a game program, had it framed and hung it above my computer, alongside a 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers team photo. My two teams.

I live in another apartment now but both photos are still on the wall behind my computer. I’m looking at them, as I type.

I do feel badly for this lady, although I’m a tad jaundiced about reading personal injury complaints (the claims of permanent injury are pretty much boilerplate):

A New Jersey woman said she was sacked by a Giants team photo as she browsed in a souvenir shop at MetLife Stadium.

Source: N.J. woman sues Giants after team photo fell on her at MetLife – NY Daily News

Apparently she was in the Giants gift shop at the stadium:

In a lawsuit against the team and the stadium, Scotch Plains resident Laura Gallagher said she suffered multiple severe injuries when a framed picture of the team “fell from a shelf and violently struck her” as she was browsing the Giants Team Store on Sept. 14, 2014.

I’d really like to know more about what happened before I produce a classic knee-jerk opinion. As the resident handy-person in my own life, I’m the one who hangs all the art and photos and have never been “sacked” (Daily News, I do love your wit but maybe this wasn’t the best choice of words, if this woman has really been seriously injured) by any of my hanged art. I’m not claiming I’ve been granted special protection by the team just because I’m such a passionate and knowledgeable fan, with better and faster field vision than most of the TV commentators. But still, no Giants team photo has ever brained me.

It doesn’t take a lot of skill to use a picture nail and hammer. I’ve never had any of my hangings fall anywhere. I’m willing to bring my hammer and nails out to the stadium and do my bit for the team.

I’m sensing a fairly quick settlement here. (Oh and here I was saying I didn’t want to offer an ignorant, knee-jerk opinion.) (P.S. I don’t quite see how it’s the Giants’ fault a picture fell on her. It wasn’t as if the team in the photo came to life and piled on her, right? Except, of course, to point out that when a personal injury lawyer files such a lawsuit, he’s going for the deep pockets. OMG, I haven’t even closed off this paren so…)

I’m meandering because I’ll have to get up really early on Sunday to watch the Giants play the Rams in London. I am not a fan of the NFL’s effort to expand the league into Europe, just as I’m not a fan of watching my guys play with jet lag.

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