Git yer religious news here! Git yer religious news here!

Well, not here. Actually from Harper’s Weekly Review:

A church in Jacksonville, Florida, was forcing parishioners to sign an anti-LGBTQ+ statement to remain in the congregation, and Pope Francis said that homosexuality was a sin but not a crime. In Fargo, a topless woman broke into a church and destroyed a statue of Jesus, and a man who broke into St. Paul’s Free Lutheran Church on New Year’s Day to watch pornography was charged with two counts of felony burglary.

Clearly, Florida is praying for a new sort of biblical flood. The climate crisis may provide, like before any god will.

Did the woman who destroyed a statue of Jesus determine being topless was key to her plan?

Is watching pornography in church felony burglary? I guess the real question is, did the church have a collection of pornography for which it charged a ticket price and the guy didn’t pay for a ticket?

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