Global war against–what? No, no, no!

Ladies of the universe, you have not been reading Sidebar, have you?

You have certainly not been reading my Global War Against Women series linked to the god problem series, because if you had, you’d know that marching to fight not for your human and civil rights but for exclusive prayer space at the Wailing Wall is not what I meant!

No, no, no, no… Palestinian Women Join Effort to Keep Jews From Contested Holy Site –

How can I say this more directly? I’ve said it to Jewish women so let me repeat for Muslim women: if you ladies are subjected to male dominance within your religion, leave that religion asap and claim your sovereignty as human beings.

Do not--how many times can I repeat this? how many times do I have to italicize it–do not let the males of your religion (I’m not jumping to a conclusion here, am I?) push you off on a march to the Wailing Wall where you yell at Jews, “The army of Muhammad is coming!” in an effort OMg to TAKE BACK THE WALL!

Take back yourselves, ladies. The wall is just a wall.

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