Global war against wo–…oneself? From Lowering the Bar

OK, so on a day when I’ve been reporting on strong, brave women suing big entities like corporations for discrimination, here’s another thing entirely: a strong, brave … well, or conflicted or something, woman wins the right to…oh just read it:

Utah Court Says Woman Can Sue Herself

You might not consider Utah the most progressive state, but it has become the first to grant its citizens a controversial right that many have long been denied, proving that the law does evolve. Utah has now become the first state to officially allow its citizens to sue themselves.

As the Salt Lake Tribune reports (thanks, Mark), a unanimous panel of the Court of Appeals ruled on February 15 that Utah law allows a decedent’s heir and the personal representative of his estate to sue the driver who allegedly caused the accident that killed him. That wouldn’t be unusual except that in Bagley v. Bagley, those are all the same people.

You’ll have to read the whole story — and, of course, coming from Kevin Underhill’s Lowering the Bar, it’s so tragicomic you’ll want to — in order to grasp the logic of the Utah court that issued the ruling.

Although I’m issuing a warning: contemplating the logic of a Utah court may, just may, be dangerous to your health.

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