Global war against women in Texas

One of the essential rights for women is free choice health care. Our health care is different from men’s health care, due to our particular physical quirks: we have breasts that can develop cancer, and we have reproductive organs that can reproduce.

So Texas’s fight to eliminate abortion clinics is distinctly part of the global war against us. In their noble fight they join ISIS, Orthodox Judaism, Catholicism and every and all fundamentalist religious sect that treats us as leashed domesticated animals, without any choice except our men’s choice for us.

So here’s a Times article about the primitive state known as Texas: Out-of-State Clinic Is Central in Texas Abortion Law Fight –

AUSTIN, Tex. — Of all the clinics and facilities at the center of a federal lawsuit challenging Texas’ sweeping abortion law passed last year, one has stuck out.

It is not in Texas, but about a mile across the state line in Santa Teresa, N.M. Its role in the case gets to the heart of the legal questions swirling around the trial here this week.

The law will soon force El Paso’s sole abortion clinic to shut its doors, leaving no abortion providers in all of West Texas. Opponents of the law said that would force women to embark on a lengthy drive to the nearest abortion provider in San Antonio. For women in El Paso, for example, it amounts to a nearly eight-hour, 550-mile trip one way.

The state’s lawyers said that no such burden would exist, and that no long drives would be necessary, because West Texas women can go to the New Mexico clinic, 15 miles outside El Paso.

I can’t say this enough: women, we have had the vote since the 1920s and we are in the majority of citizens in this country. Vote. Vote in every election and vote only for people who support our rights as full United States citizens.

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