Global War Against Women: NYPD officer sues former commanding officer…

An NYPD lieutenant harassed an officer into performing oral sex on him twice—then punished her with petty infractions after she broke off the relationship, a lawsuit charges.

That’s how John Marzulli opens his Daily News article. I question whether harassment that produces oral sex actually constitutes a “relationship” that can be broken off, but anyhow, Lisette Pedrosa, the plaintiff, has sued Lt. Salvatore Marchese and the NYPD and  “was supported by the NYPD’s Office of Equal Employment Opportunity.”

One further tasty quote: “Marchese begged for oral sex to ‘make him feel like a man,’ according to the suit.”

Nothing to add to this confessional. Well, yes, one thing to add: is feeling like a man the same thing as being a man?

Here’s the whole story: NYPD officer sues former commanding officer after lewd texts, being begged for oral sex and slapping her butt in public: suit – NY Daily News.

PS. The Lieutenants Benevolent Association’s legal counsel, presumably representing Marchese, is James Moschella. He is the partner of the defendants’ lawyer in my lawsuit.

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