Global war against women right here at home

Two head-scratching items from DailyKos, both about (male) politicians attempting to … well, I don’t know what they’re doing, if they think they’re attracting the women’s vote:

Tillis mansplains his way through North Carolina Senate debate.

Florida congressman doesn’t want the ladies to worry their pretty little heads over issues.

And later today I picked up this editorial from the Daily News, about how (R) Tom Coburn and (R) Mike Lee have blocked our own Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D)’s “measure to establish a privately funded bipartisan commission that would study the [National Women’s History Museum] feasibility.”

The Daily News says:

If Coburn and Lee believe that an institution devoted to women’s history has no place in a city overflowing with museums large and small, they should just say so. But they dare not.

For then they would have to declare that the often overlooked contributions of women are less deserving of attention than textiles, spies and postal operations, all of which have their own D.C. museums.

Here’s the editorial, properly called” A GOP guy thing – NY Daily News.”

Here’s the good news. Since we US women actually can vote − unlike, say, Saudi women − we can express our bemusement in the upcoming election.

And P.S., I really like the verb “mansplains.”


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