Global war against women: sexual harassment, a judge’s description

Here’s a piece from today’s New York Law Journal. This sexual harassment lawsuit sounds as repulsive, as unspeakably wrong as it usually does. That is, it makes you want to scream.

And here’s a judge who slammed it as it should be slammed: ‘Aghast’ at Defenses, Judge Lets Harassment Case Proceed | New York Law Journal:

With strong language and a swipe at defense counsel, a judge in Manhattan refused to dismiss a sexual harassment claim filed by a woman who said her boss exposed himself to her, propositioned her and made her stand next to him while he urinated.

“This court is aghast that any attorney would, with a straight face, claim that the conduct alleged does not fall squarely within the city and state anti-harassment laws,” Manhattan Acting Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron (See Profile) wrote in Thomas v. EONY, 158961/13. “Talk about a hostile work environment!”

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