Global War Against Women: Stilettos

From my window I’ve seen these young women walking — no, not walking, mincing — down my street, in such obvious pain I wince for them.

They are wearing stiletto heels. Who convinces them that binding their feet in these dreadful instruments of torture (and really, have you looked at these things lately? don’t they look like objects in a medieval garage?) renders them more attractive, presumably in the eyes of men?

Enough. Enough, I say. Except nobody’s listening to me. Indeed, the apparatchiks of this particular torture apparatus have escalated the war on women. Now you can take special exercise classes wearing stilettos.

Yes. I report that and here’s my Sidebar excuse for linking you to this horribly hilarious, nutso story by Hilary Howard (who seems to have taken this seriously), “A Stiletto Workout? It Can Be Done,” from yesterday’s New York Times, which begins:

“You’re going to a stiletto class?” my husband balked. “That sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.”

I hereby indemnify myself from whatever action you might decide to take after reading this piece.

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