Global War Against Women: they won’t let us drive?

OK, so the front page story in today’s Times was about how Saudi Arabia is getting loudly pissed at us because they want us to arm and support the Syrian rebels much, much better.

Well, I’m pissed at Saudi Arabia. Buried in a small corner of the Times was this, from the AP:

Saudi Arabia: Women Warned Of Arrest Over Driving Protest

[I interrupt briefly to note that women weren’t being warned of arrest for driving. They’re being warned about being arrested for protesting over not being allowed to drive! Let’s continue:]

Saudi officials stepped up warnings on Friday over plans by women to challenge the male-only driving rules in the kingdom, saying that even online support for the protest could bring arrest. The warnings came on the eve of the planned protest by female activists who have obtained driver’s licenses abroad. Though no specific law bans women from driving, the rules are enforced by Saudi clerics who hold far-reaching influence over the monarchy.

I’ll say it again: religion is a bad deal for women. And I say, let’s not support the Saudis until they support women’s rights.

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