Global War Against Women: Why are women praying??

Yesterday’s Times had this news piece by Jodi Rudoren: Prayer Plaza in Jerusalem for Both Sexes Ignites Uproar – It begins:

Trying to calm months of intense wrangling over the Western Wall, Israeli officials on Sunday unveiled a new plaza where men and women can pray together. But the move was immediately denounced as discriminatory by the main group that has protested the rules at the holy site.

Let me ignite an uproar of my own by jumping over the Wailing Wall. Even though I’ve commented a lot on the Jewish fundamentalists in Israel, and especially about their, um, reluctance to allow women to worship at the Wailing Wall, and how women have coped with being treated like animals by the rabid rabbis of orthodoxy …

Why are women insisting on equal rights to worship?

Stop worshiping, women. Grasp the awful truth: gods were invented by men to reduce women to something far far less than equality. Religion is not your battlefield. Your battlefield is civil rights.

You want equality? Get out of religion.

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