Global War on Women (Entrepreneurs): JPMorgan Chase Bank boo hiss

A little story about two women, a mother and daughter, who started a company (called Lovability) selling, online, the condoms of their own particular design to women, and a very large bank — which spends lots of advertising bucks on TV ads promoting how it is is eager to help small businesses.

Just not this small business.

Except JPMorgan Chase Refuses to Process Payments for Women Entrepreneurs’ Condom Company. (Thanks to DailyKos, which thanked Huffington Post for this item.)

I particularly love the distinctions Chase has loosely, if inadvertently, drawn between its ever-so-delicate moral refusal to process online payments for condoms selling to women, and its adventurism into rotten banking and investment practices that contributed to the massive economic crash of 2008.

I’m having a bit of trouble wrapping my ordinarily agile brain around that.

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