Global war on women: Trump, Iran (always), SA, Islam, France (good news)

I know you’ve heard about the fascinating NYT article about Trump’s treatment of women–which reminded me, not pleasantly, of my years working in the film business.

Don’t form an opinion about it by having read or heard other people’s opinions about it.  Read it yourself, the whole thing, linked below. It’s what the Times has the resources to do so damn well–investigate thoroughly and dig out verified facts.

Apparently, I still have the capacity to be surprised at the reaction some readers had to the article. I’ve read the comments in the Times and elsewhere–most of which are from men (OMG!)–shrugging off Trump’s pathological behavior. It seems that the way a candidate paws members of the opposite sex, most significantly women who are “under” him, so to speak, i.e., dependent upon him for advancement or reward, should not be considered a reflection of his character as a potential president.


As someone who was pawed, whose breasts were grabbed in an office elevator by a company veep–and that was the least of my experiences as sexual prey–let me explain: no sexual exploiter can be a legitimate candidate for public office. Boom.

Interviews reveal unwelcome advances, a shrewd reliance on ambition, and unsettling workplace conduct over decades.

Source: Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private – The New York Times

And while we speak of elections…

Minoo Khaleghi easily won a seat in February’s election but was disqualified over claims she did not wear a head scarf on visits to Europe and China.

Source: She Won a Seat in Iran’s Parliament, but Hard-Liners Had Other Plans – The New York Times

The thesis below is really interesting, especially because I understand nothing of corruption in South American countries. Indeed, I don’t quite understand what people in this country think they mean when, without citing any evidence, they call someone “corrupt.”

While I am not yet inured to the rabid, yet disproved and distinctly political accusations–a majority of which come from men–cast at Hillary Clinton, I’ve never yet thought of her position as potentially parallel to the fate of powerful women in other countries. But now I might.

Analysts say the collective decline of several current and former female leaders in South America points to a persistence of macho attitudes in the region.

Source: South America’s Powerful Women Are Embattled. Is Gender a Factor? – The New York Times

This below comes from Jerry Coyne. Dare I point out that the imam’s insistence upon veiling, and his reasons why, are reminders of one male Harvard club’s rationale for continuing as solely male? Yes, seems I do dare.

I found the video below on Facebook the other day, and though it was publicized by a right-wing group, it was part of a 20-minute VICE documentary, “Bangladeshi gang rape.” (Do watch th…

Source: Imam: Women must cover themselves to stifle men’s uncontrollable lust « Why Evolution Is True

And some good news from France:

Current and former government ministers are taking a stand against the sexism of their male colleagues.

Source: French Women Fight Back – The New York Times



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