“God Files Class Action Against Gay People”

Source: God Files Class Action Against Gay People

Yes, it’s true — as all Lowering the Bar posts are. That is, someone did file a lawsuit against “homosexuals,” in the name of god.

Ach. This would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad, so dopey, so…here are Kevin Underhill’s opening paragraphs:

I know exactly what you’re thinking—one god isn’t enough gods for a class action. That makes no sense at all! And even if there were more than one, how likely is it that they would be similarly situated so that one could act as a class representative? Not very.

Well, you’re forgetting that there is such a thing as a defendant class action. See Fed. R. Civ. P. 23(a) (providing that “[o]ne or more members of a class may sue or be sued as representative parties on behalf of all members”; emphasis added). Most class actions of course are brought by plaintiffs seeking justice for some wrong done to the public at large, such as the diabolical marketing tactics employed to make consumers think Crunchberries cereal is made with real fruit. But defendant class actions do exist—here’s an opinion, for example, certifying a class of over 9,000 people who benefitted (knowingly or not) from a Ponzi scheme. So, the fact that there is only one plaintiff (actually, two) and many defendants in God v. Homosexuals is not necessarily a problem.

Maybe we can all look at this not as the god problem delusion, but as a sort of excellent definition of “class action” from a good lawyer, i.e., Mr. Underhill.

Maybe we can look at this…oh never mind. Look at it.

UPDATE 5/7/2015. Shortly after posting the above, I found another post about this too-real lawsuit on DailyKos: Source: My husband and I are being sued for being homosexuals.

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