“God is the one in control of this”

The Trump supporter “protest” in Washington, DC and elsewhere provide us with numerous direct quotes from Trump voters. 

…many members of the far-right Proud Boys group — chanted “four more years!” and vowed not to recognize Joseph R. Biden Jr. as the president-elect.

Stephanie Lalich, 55, said that voting machines had been used for widespread electoral fraud…and that judges had not sided with Mr. Trump because they did not want to take on the issue…“They don’t want to deal with this…It’s going to have to go nuclear, using the Insurrection Act and bringing out the military.”

Michael T. Flynn…told Trump supporters near the Supreme Court building not to “get bent out of shape” by the latest setback, assuring them that there were still ways to fight back…“We decide the election,” he said, greeted by cheers. “We’re waging a battle across America.”

Kim Carter, who said God had told her to drive to the Atlanta rally from Jacksonville, Fla., said she was sure that Mr. Trump would be re-elected. She asked a member of Mr. Hill’s group whether it could send some armed members to Florida to protect her and her neighbors from Antifa activists after the election is finally overturned, as she believes will happen.

“Four more years, because God is the one who is in control of this,” Ms. Carter said.

Luther Anderson, 30, said he had voted for former President Barack Obama and for Mr. Trump but could not envision Mr. Biden as president. Mr. Trump has released Black people from prison through a criminal justice overhaul, he noted, while Mr. Biden contributed to the 1994 crime bill that lengthened criminal sentences for many people, many of them Black and some of whom remain imprisoned.

“The media’s trying to make him this good guy and then make Trump the villain,” said Mr. Anderson, who lives in Washington. “It’s like the media, they’re trying to, like, brainwash.”

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