“God’s Class Action Dismissed” !!

My, this happened quickly! Not a big surprise, of course, but still. I should say, it wouldn’t be a big surprise except that it’s a Nebraska judge’s dismissal. I never expect much from wheat belt states.

You will recall–I mean, if you can’t recall one of my posts from, um, a day or so ago, I will worry about you–that a woman in Nebraska filed a lawsuit against “homosexuals” in the name of god. (She spelled “god” with a capital; I do not.) (Rather than worrying about you if you don’t recall the story, up there in blue letters is the link. What can I say? I’m lazy about worries.)

Here is the Lowering the Bar link to the story of the dismissal, after which–since Kevin Underhill’s article about the dismissal is, as always, excellent legal explication of summary dismissals and hilarious at the same time–are Underhill quotes.

The link: God’s Class Action Dismissed

The quotes:

Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.

Luke 11:52 (KJV)

Well, the Lord’s lawsuit against all similarly situated homosexuals lasted just five days in the District of Nebraska.  U.S. District Judge John Gerrard dismissed it yesterday in this three-page order, citing a couple of the same problems I mentioned the other day, although to his great credit there is no indication that he read my post before doing so.

He did not, for example, dismiss on my suggested grounds that Ms. Driskell is not a lawyer and so is not authorized to represent God, Jesus, or anyone else in the courts of Nebraska. He doesn’t address her claim to be acting as their “ambassador,” and chooses to treat her as the actual plaintiff. That’s fine—with a case like this the question is often not “is there a reason to dismiss?” but rather “where should I start?”

As you’ll notice at the top of this excerpt, Underhill aptly quotes the bible and he does it throughout his devastatingly marvelous piece.

UPDATE 5/8/2015 at 4:46 p.m. Just in case you didn’t believe any of this, DailyKos weighed in today with the same story: Source: Unsurprisingly, Federal Judge In Nebraska Dismisses Suit Against All Homosexuals

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