Good moves against nasty ones

DOJ has named Kevin Chambers to be the chief prosecutor for Covid-19 fraud. He told NBC News he’s setting up teams to analyze “an almost shocking amount of data” that could bring new charges.

FBI Chief Chris Wray tells the Senate Intel Committee that they’ve intercepted and taken down a number of cryptocurrency networks. It appears the ability to use cryptocurrency to bypass sanctions, is yet another thing Putin underestimated.

The hacking collective Anonymous has breached the Russian federal agency responsible for censoring media, and has released 360,000 files to the public.

Oh those poor poor People’s Convoy truckers! Their feelings have been deeply wounded. Having taken off a day of, uh, activity, due to rain, today, as they did their weirdly aimless loop around the DC Beltway, normal human-being drivers, noticing the crazy emblems on the trucks, responded by giving the truckers the finger. One trucker tweeted about this, whining that this is how people “up here” act. Gee, yes. Yes, we do.

And, oops, Deutsche Bank has reconsidered! Yes, it announced it will be winding down its operations in Russia. How does one say flip flop in German? (Why am I asking? I’ve got a German-English dictionary…Hochwerfen-plumps. Maybe.)

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