Good news for public schools

I read David L. Kirp’s opinion piece, “The Community School Comes of Age,” in today’s New York Times with my mouth dropping open and my heart beating faster.

Because I’d never heard of community schools, never heard that New York City has 100 of them, and did not know the fine work they were doing and that they were…public schools.

Public schools.

They are not charter schools. They are not private schools, not schools run with public money but in private, without experienced teachers, run by loud, contemptuous, privileged people like Eve Moskowitz, who have decided they know better how to teach kids than do teachers. Union teachers, that is.

So this piece is an exhilarating nyah nyah to Moskowitz and her ilk. (Does “ilk” rhyme with Betsy DeVos? Yes, it does.)

But, while sneering is of high importance for one’s psyche, the education of children is much more important for everyone’s psyche. Read the piece at the link above. What the Island School does with kids and their families will make you want to go back to school, or teach in a community school. It’s wonderful.

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