Good news today (yes, there is some good news)

It’s taken six years but our women soccer team players have won their battle for equal pay.

Germany halts certification of Nord Stream 2, the new pipeline to Russian gas. This will be a sacrifice for Germans but a blow to Putin.

SCOTUS turns down Trump’s appeal to block Archives from turning over his docs to the January 6 Commission.

Merrick Garland confirms the DOJ has been informed by the National Archives about the classified info Trump took to Mar-a-Lago. Garland said: “We will do what we always do under these circumstance: look at the facts of the law and take it from there.”

Personally, I’ve got a feeling Trump has gift-wrapped those purloined boxes and has placed them in pricey guest suites, with notes saying, “You too can have access to US classified secrets! A donation of ——- to me will get you a peek at what’s in that box!” You know. Like a very, very expensive mini-bar.


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