“Good Reason to Kill #39: Took All the Crab Legs”

Because of my utter joy with the blog, Lowering the Bar, I can’t always stick to my general principle of posting news about civil cases only.

Really, now, how could I neglect to give you this one? Good Reason to Kill #39: Took All the Crab Legs – Lowering the Bar.

The incident took place in August 2011, at the Star Buffet in East Lampeter Township, Pennsylvania. The 48-year-old victim later testified that after waiting in the buffet line, he did in fact take the last eight crab legs then present. “I cleaned it out,” he admitted. This did not sit well with a woman behind him in line, who called him a “pig” and made references to his weight. The victim said he ignored her comments and sat down to eat.

Not long after, the woman’s 21-year-old companion (hereinafter “the defendant”) came over to the table and demanded redress, because nothing is more insulting to one’s manhood than to have another man temporarily deprive one’s female companion of a few crab legs that she was not entitled to in the first place.

Oh do, do continue the story. And do, do watch yourself when you’re on a buffet line.

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