“Good Reason to Kill #47: More Than 20 Items in the Express Lane”

From Lowering the Bar: Good Reason to Kill #47: More Than 20 Items in the Express Lane – Lowering the Bar. Here’s the teaser:

We don’t know exactly what was said in the Walmart in Punta Gorda, Florida, on Saturday, in the express checkout lane, but we do know that it was mostly said by one person. Namely, a shopper with only three items who noticed a shopper in front of him with a number of items that looked suspiciously close to 20 (the posted limit). That shopper (hereinafter, “victim”) said he noticed the other guy (hereinafter, “guy”) counting each item as he placed it on the belt. “When the number of items exceeded 20,” the guy “began yelling at the victim saying he couldn’t use that register.”

Laugh, huh? But how many times have you counted someone’s shopping basket items and found they were three over the limit? And did you do anything about it other than sign angrily and stomp your foot?

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