“Good Reason to Kill # 49: Second Incorrect Burger”

Kevin Underhill, Maestro of Lowering the Bar, is getting around. At least one other blog has picked up on this story so pretty soon I expect Kevin’s news items to be making the NYT.

But until they do, you can read them here.

Today’s item is about guns. Actually, it’s about the unpleasant recipe combining weaponry and fast food joints − a recipe we do not have in New York City but hey, crazy people: do not take what I just wrote as a challenge grant and come here with your guns because others like you have tried it and have been arrested immediately; you’ll never even get as far as the front door.

But not so in this Grand Rapids, Michigan McDonald’s. Although Kevin’s storytelling is infinitely superior at this sort of tale and I will let you read him completely here, a brief note. This is a story of a woman who didn’t appreciate a burger she ordered that was not to her specifics. Apparently they left the bacon, and she wanted that bacon.

McDs was ever so menschy about it, giving her a coupon for a free meal. That’s when things went badly and when, instead of bacon, her gun got added to the menu.


Good Reason to Kill # 49: Second Incorrect Burger – Lowering the Bar.

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