Good things happening on the prosecution front

A New York judge has said anyone with the last name of Trump must sit for depositions in New York’s civil case against the Trump Org. Well, I exaggerate: three Trumps specifically, although if your last name is Trump and you want to volunteer…

Ken Kurson, one of Jared Kushner’s close pals has taken a plea for cyberstalking his ex-wife. Trump pardoned him for cyberstalking and harassment during the Trump Pardon Tsunami of late 2020 but this was a new cyberstalking charge. Are you getting the sense that being a close friend and/or associate of Trumpers was maybe not a good life choice?

Ryan Zinke, Ryan Zinke, Ryan Zinke…my fingers are going to freeze up if I type all the ethics rules he was found to have broken. I’m guessing one or ten of ’em might be criminal.

P.S. When I post something about Trump, I have a plethora of categories to check: American fascism; corruption; Good Things Happening; Judiciary; Law, suit and order; lawyers; politics; the Facts of Life; the filthy rich (although, as we all suspect, this category most likely does not apply to Trump, so maybe I should add another category — People Who Pretend To Be Filthy Rich); and, of course, Trumpism.


A federal judge dismissed Trump’s attempt to toss lawsuits, finds ‘plausible’ case former president incited Capitol riot. This is the lawsuit filed against Trump personally by Eric Swalwell, et al.

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