Good things, some with black hearts

Paul Manafort was removed from a plane headed to Dubai because his passport was revoked. There’s some confusion on Twitter about what this means, how far it goes but for now it’s fun.

I’m not listening to the Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings. I’m reading tweets about the behavior of Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee panel. I’m so glad I’m not listening to the hearing. I’m postponing apoplexy until I am in a position to act it out.

P.S. If you’re wondering how smeary and bizarrely irrelevant remarks about child pornography and pedophilia seem to be the substantial tools used by Republicans in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson, here is what I wrote about this ugliness on July 14, 2020. It’s the default weapon in Russian kompromat. It could lead to the question of who owns Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, et al?

President Obama tweets: 12 years ago today, I signed the Affordable Care Act into law. I’ve always believed that health care shouldn’t be a privilege for just a fortunate few, but a right for every American. Today, more than 30 million Americans have health coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

From CREW: Rep. Mo Brooks has made an extraordinary allegation against Donald Trump: In the wake of his election loss, Trump demanded that Brooks immediately remove Biden from the White House, reinstall Trump, and then hold a brand new election for the presidency. (This sounds kind of, you know, definitive. As well as kind of, you know, confessional — either pre-subpoena or post-subpoena?)

From The New York Times today: As he heads to Europe, President Biden will press U.S. allies to help impose even more aggressive sanctions on Russia. NATO says it is doubling the number of battlegroups on its eastern flank.


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