Good time to review what’s been happening in England…

…Given the coronation. So, from Harper’s Weekly Review:

Documents labeled “Official sensitive” were found in a pub toilet on what one pubgoer described as “quite a lively night” in Barrow-in-Furness, England.

Oh, dear. “Quite a lively night” could mean “quite” a lot. But maybe I’m too sensitive about documents found where they shouldn’t be.

A group of yarn bombers known as the “Hurst Hookers,” have covered posts in an English village with knitted likenesses of King Charles III, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Paddington Bear.

If, like me, you’d been devoted to “The Yorkshire Vet” (on BritBox), you’d have seen what yarn bombers can do when they get all fired up. (You’d also learn what yarn bombers are. They’re harmless, unless you’re allergic to wool.) One Christmas in Thirsk when, for a holiday festival, vet Peter Wright searched for but couldn’t find a placid live donkey who wouldn’t bite or kick children, the Thirsk Yarnbombers crocheted/knit a full-size donkey who didn’t bite the children.

“I thought it was really spooky and really beautiful. I’m glad I didn’t put it on my sandwich!” said a woman who insisted that Princess Diana’s face was in a ham she had purchased from a Tesco.

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