“Google Sued Over Underwear Hanging Outside Apartment”

Now, I’m as pro-lawsuit as the next guy. Indeed, I’m undoubtedly more pro-lawsuit than a lot of next guys. If I weren’t, I wouldn’t be writing Sidebar.

But this news I just got from Twitter somewhat dismays me, I admit. A woman is suing Google Earth because the picture posted of her residence shows her underwear hanging on a clothesline.

I’d guess Google Earth is being sued because it has deep pockets. Not necessarily in its underwear. If Google Earth has underwear. (If underwear has pockets. PJs have pockets but underwear…?)

Which reminds me that a few days ago I was on the phone with a lawyer, talking about my residence. I was a little startled but also amused when he asked me what my building looked like, because he had just gotten a picture of it on Google Earth and wanted confirmation. I was about to wave at him through my window — until, of course, I realized that Google Earth was not displaying a live, real-time feed. At least, I think it wasn’t. (I didn’t wave.)

Off the track a little. The important point is: don’t hang your underwear on an outside clothesline. You can buy an inventive indoor clothesline you rig in your shower enclosure; the thin line pulls out and is affixed to a small device on the opposite wall, and then zips itself right back into its hiding place when no longer needed.

Or: hang your underwear on an outside clothesline and sue Google.

This is a choice?

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