GOP, party of liars

Another item from DailyKos Elections:

AZ-Sen: DefendArizona has added another $1.1 million to their ad buy to aid Republican Martha McSally. Their new ad falsely claims that McSally’s 2017 vote for Donald Trump’s bill to repeal Obamacare, which they don’t mention by name, wouldn’t have ended coverage protections for those with pre-existing health conditions.

But the truth is that Trumpcare really would end that protection because it would remove the requirement that the insurance plans actually be affordable, effectively allowing insurers to deny coverage via exclusionary pricing. Furthermore the ad baselessly claims Sinema favors a “Bernie Sanders-style government takeover of health care,” even though Medicare-for-All wouldn’t do that and Sinema doesn’t even support it anyway.

Now, where do you think the GOP picked up the “lie all the time” campaign motif?

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