Got stress? Fly to San Francisco and meet LiLou

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

A San Francisco airport hired a pig named LiLou that travelers can pet to relieve stress…

And while I’m on the subject of piggies, if you get Acorn, the British TV I-don’t-know-what-it’s-called–streaming service? which I personally receive via Roku–get yourself hooked on the comedy series, “Blandings.”

Starring a sublime Timothy Spall as an utterly wacky British aristocrat, with Jennifer Saunders as his dominatrix sister, “Blandings” is based on a series of P.G. Wodehouse stories called “Blandings Castle”–that’s the immense pile of disintegrating rubble the family, along with its competent, if often drunk, butler occupies.

It is paralyzingly, fall off the couch hilarious.

I bring it up to introduce you to Spall’s prize sow, named The Empress. She is massive and has the oddest face I’ve ever seen on a pig. Not that I’ve seen a lot of pig faces but still. Her face is more like a misshapen pink pumpkin than an animal face.

LiLou in the San Francisco airport, yes, but really The Empress is far more accessible. Sit on your couch, remote your way to “Blandings” and voila! Your stress is gone. (Just do be careful when you fall off the couch. Hitting your head on a coffee table and having to enter a concussion protocol may not do much good for your stress level.)

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